Nigeria has the highest number of out of school children in the world which is an estimate of about 13.2M children who are growing up in a failed educational system that is unable to provide a learning environment for every child.

SAVE OUR CHILDREN is an intervention designed to tackle this social crisis by granting school sponsorship to underprivileged child-beggars and orphans.

The project seeks to reduce the number of underage children without formal education while integrating development by using education as a key to unlock human potential.

The power of education extends beyond the development of skills we need for economic success. It can contribute to nation-building and reconciliation

The issue resulting to millions of children unable to attain basic education in Nigeria accumulate both cultural and religious dynamics entangled with institutional and systematic flaws.

Education is a basic right that every child should have access to, failing to provide it exposes society to conflicts and underdevelopment.

SAVE OUR CHILDREN hopes to restore dignity and progress to under-privileged children through this program.


Nigeria has an approximate of 13.2M out of school children ranging from ages 5-14 who have no access to education.

A large number of the proportion roam the streets and alleys begging for scraps, money and food instead of going to school.

Our program is changing the narrative by ensuring equitable and accessible education for all children