ENGAGED are interactive inclusive sessions aimed at building students skills and capacity to identify social issues and create innovative impactful solutions. The interactive sessions undertake demonstrative measures and techniques of teaching to improve global competence of pupils. Global competence is the process of instilling knowledge, values and skills in learning.

The sole aim of these sessions is to aid students in building an instigative conscious mind that looks at socioeconomic issues like ethnic indifferences, gender inequalities, human rights and development from a different dimension of soluble approach.

In the course of our learning students will be able to identify our most prominent social crisis and design solutions to them. There will be community work thereafter for students to engage with these affected communities to get a first hand experience of these issues which will enable them to exercise their skills and strengthen empathy.

Why is this session relevant ?


Learning and teaching techniques have evolve drastically across the globe from standard subjects of learning to amplifying socioeconomic factors into curriculum.
Youths across the globe are becoming leaders in their own domain because they have been given the platform to view social issues within their own scope and be expressive about them but most important they have the support that they need to carry out effective change. Interactive sessions help students to engage more, be expressive and ask questions.

Why is this session relevant to the students?


Nigeria is currently undergoing a lot of social crisis, unfortunately many young people are not aware of these crisis because they are not engaged in such matters or they simply do not see these issues as something that affects them. This inclusive learning will build students capacity towards recognizing these social crisis, create an understanding of what they mean to the future generation and the threats they pose.