#ACT4CLIMATE is a climate advocacy campaign aimed at students inclusion in climate awareness and mitigation processes.
This campaign focuses on how students can meaningfully engage in activities that promote climate change remediation, strengthen sustainable living and protects the future that they will inherit.
These young change makers are given a platform to explore the negative impacts of these crisis and interrogate themselves to create simple solutions.
During our outreaches, we explore climate change science and the predications of how climate crises can drastically change the planet.
Youths are engaged in exploring the basics of climate change injustices such as biodiversity loss and species extinctions, ethnic marginalisation, racial inequalities and other socioeconomic dynamics.

AFRICA more than anywhere in the world would be hit the hardest by the climate crisis phenomena as acclaimed by many trajectories. Africa historically did not contribute to the green house emissions that has implicated the global climate crisis. As such, it is important to engage youths in activities that demand for inclusive climate justice for a just transition.

#ACT4CLIMATE mobilizes youths to action through climate advocacy, policy advocacy and by demanding climate justice from governments.


Climate change advocacy is key to climate mitigation, the more people engaged in the conversation the greater chance for remediation


Youth Climate Advocacy To Raise Ambition For Climate Mitigation


Participants are required to plant trees after the #Act4Climate sessions as a way to encourage demonstration of what has been learned.

One of the most simple and easy to implement action towards climate mitigation is tree planting. Trees sequester carbon by absorbing greenhouse gases that cause global warming, they also serve as pillars that help preserve the earth’s ecosystem.

Young advocates planting a tree

Young advocates planting a tree